Three Perfect Indoor Exercises Your Cat Would Love

Workout routine with your cat? We have an inkling you might enjoy exercise more if you have a cute workout buddy.

With the pandemic, your adorable kittens might not be able to hang out with their kitty mates outside your home. This can make them lazy and frustrated and even develop various problematic behaviors that will be hard to let go of. From scratching the surface of your coziest sofa to eating things that can make them incredibly sick, they can harm your furniture and themselves. So, let's check out some easy exercises to keep them active and engaged. You can do it with them or watch them do and laugh at their adorable quirky-ness.

Get your cat on your treadmill.

We know what you are thinking but Jean Hofve, author and manager of says you can teach your cat to use the treadmill. Start slow when they are young and supervise them through it. Watching your cat do their exercises will motivate you to run an extra mile too. Who wouldn't want that?

Use toys with catnips

Yes, some cats don't respond well with catnip, but for those who do, there are plenty of toys with catnip to get your cat to play around. We recommend finding an online store or local pet shop with cat wand toys made out of catnip or DIY it. Get a ball of catnip and dangle it on a string for them to hold and chase around.

Build a cat tower.

Cats can destroy your bookshelves and valuables if they don't have a cat tree to jump around. But if space is the problem for you, build or shop for vertical towers that can be installed all around the house. You can place little treats in different parts of the tower to encourage them to jump and move around.

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Use these proven ways of getting your cat to move around and in time, they will want to try agile training courses for cats (yes, they exist). If your cat is extremely energetic, research about cat agility exercises and push your cat into a mix of challenges they will enjoy.

Hope you and your kitty enjoy these exercises. Let us know what they think of it.